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A global network

With offices in over 20 countries, we have a global reach that connects us to you no matter where you are.

The power of streaming data/live stats is in your hands.

Check and analyze your user stats in real-time or in offline mode. You can choose when and where to check them.

  • Manage your personal alerts
  • Check your stats
  • Record all kpi's
  • Downloads your reports
  • Create your filters
  • Save time with CAT

Always stay informed

Our automated system sends daily/weekly notifications to always keep you updated.

Pick,choose, and even create custom advanced filters to get the most out of your data by getting the specific report you need.
Choose when youd like to receive your mail report so that your data will be delivered on time,every time. Receive your report on a daily or weekly basis,whenever is most convenient for you.
Easily give more people access to your stats. You can choose to send a report immediately or schedule automatic reports via email

Configuration made easy.

Our Wizard process will guide you through each step to guarantee your configuration will work every time, making it easier than ever.

  • Fast technology
  • Easy configurations
  • Advanced Wizards
  • Supports multiple tasks
  • Check in-live your configuration
  • Join us!

Wherever you want.

Works on multiple devices to make sure you get the service you need

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