She was frequently late for school.

Ethan was horrified when he noticed that his daughter had had her tongue pierced.

She played the piano well enough.

I am revising my Chinese lessons.

You know what's wrong, don't you?

Take them home.

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The new house didn't live up to expectations.

The police caught the burglar red-handed.

Art was in its golden age in Venice during the Renaissance.

I don't think we've got much time.

None of the windows were open.

The brave soldiers went head-to-head with the enemy to regain their city.

I want you to stay a little longer.

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What options do I have left?

It would be crazy to climb that mountain in the winter.

Aren't you glad you didn't go to Boston?

Sri fell and hurt his knee.

You're being discharged.

Stop pretending that everything's okay. It's not.

The Moon orbits Earth at an average distance of 382,400 kilometers.


The common language of many Asians is English.

I had barely got into the house when the phone rang.

It's all I want.

I told Carol.

I left my tennis racket on the train.

Choose your weapon.

What subject do you think he is interested in?

Jordan has refused to do what we requested.

My reality view is drastically different from yours.


I didn't hit Victor.

One thing that won't change is our price.

I didn't know what to do, then.

I'm concerned about your future.

I would like that.

You shouldn't quit English.

The stormy weather was dreadful.

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I can't make that kind of promise.

I'm not sure what Hazel sees in Tammy.

I'm not going to hold that against you.

We don't want anybody to find out.

Joanne said that he would depart soon.

I knew I would win.

I think we're looking for different things.


Michiel is offended.

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They that dance must pay the fiddler.

I had to swallow my pride.

How did Phiroze convince Melinda to marry him?

Get out of my kitchen.

He has a bad style.

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I can't ask Polly now.

We studied the Concordance to Shakespeare to accumulate examples of alliteration.

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

This building is an irreproachable piece of architecture.

This is a 30-passenger bus.


I'd better talk to Tal.


Barry promised that it wouldn't happen again.

I want to improve my Spanish.

Let's get a bottle of whiskey.

Death is a sad matter, but life goes on.

You can have it for nothing.

Lindsey spoke in a firm voice.

Irving is an expert watchmaker.


Are these your things?


Stop hitting your brother.


He lost all of his money.

Many a person who flees temptation secretly hopes that it will catch up to him.

That would be a better idea!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to come to your party.

Tandy loses his temper easily.

You've only been here for three weeks.

I hear you've been hanging out with Christophe.


I want you to go easy on them.

I guess we're not on the same wavelength.

Not really. I like hiking better than fishing.

We probably won't need to do that anymore.

Janos is very thorough, isn't he?

It will take me 20 minutes to get to the station by taxi.

Green water is not good for drinking.

Shane is proud of his car.

The party for Clyde has been canceled.

I don't think you'll die today.

I've never seen such dedication.


How many mistakes did Matthias make?


I really don't see the point.

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I don't have a couch in my office.

Tell Lila what you need.

You looked at me and smiled.

He will by no means come.

Are you in Boston?

That's so wrong.

Place them on the baking sheet, then glaze them with egg yolk.

The man is checking in at a hotel.

I've been careless.

Why don't you just talk to her?

Meehan needs to shut up.

The farm is three miles beyond the river.

I'll walk you to the gate.

You don't need my permission.

There are no rules without exceptions.

Please tell me what happened, off the record of course.

Do you work downtown?

He asked me whether anybody was there.

Tell him thanks.

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I know you didn't hurt him.

I don't care whether he'll lend it to me or not.

I try not to worry about you.

Pria showed me a picture of his grandmother.

Were you worried about me?

Why didn't you save yourself?

Where is the other end of this thread?

I want a puppy for Christmas.

Children love chips with everything.

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He brought out the truth of the murder case.

Why did you do this?

Do you want me to talk to Hsuan?


More roads were made, and the countryside was divided into lots.

We have plenty of room.

Charlie expressed her happiness when her daughter graduated.

Is this my passport?

St Mark's Square in Venice is always swarming with tourists in the summer.

I suggest you let Liz do what he wants to do.

Since I didn't know what to do, I asked him for advice.

That's a bit much.

It was a godsend.

This book isn't as heavy as that book.

He is not what he seems.

They talked over the plan for hours.

Are they busy?

This is the second time Darin has been here this week.

Stewart couldn't convince Roman to come back home.


The audience were all foreigners.

She is not what you think she is.

Obey your father.


That medicine worked.

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Don't let me stop you.

I was named after my great-grandfather.

I am not deaf.

I don't want to be a burden to you.

Everyone was very surprised to discover that the slave girl was in reality a princess.


Kevan is really nice.

That was a good sign.

I bought a gift for Wayne.

It's been a busy morning.

You're a jerk.


Sridhar asked for directions to the nearest hospital.

Where are you from, Karen?

That nurse is a real angel to her patients.

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The children were eager for their father's news.

Jordan knows I know.

My opinion differs from his.

Here we are at Himeji Station.

You have only to put them together.


You're losing your hair.


The hat was dirty around the top.

Ravindranath lifted the lid and looked into the pot.

Steel is a widely-used material in civil construction.

Lindsay and Glenn went on a two week honeymoon to Hawaii.

Wilmer posted pictures of himself on his blog.

The price of this camera is exorbitant.

Jennie should be here within fifteen minutes.

What time is the flight?

If you look carefully, you'll find some insects.

Valerie asked me to tell you he needed a little more time.

Why don't you guys head on home?


That must never happen.

Death of two lynx.

An accident is an inevitable occurrence due to the action of immutable natural laws.

We study according to the schedule.

They feared that the dispute would hurt the economy.


One of the toughest things in the world to do is forgive.