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Intervention Drug Rehab Association is here for any individual who is ready to make a healthy change. Quitting drug or alcohol abuse is difficult and requires professional assistance. Detox is imperative at the beginning of a recovery program because it allows the body and the brain to communicate clearly without any substances of abuse in the way.

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With the help of professionals within the addiction recovery industry and tailored and designed with the client in mind, we assist in identifying various needs relating to alcohol and drug programs, sober living, detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery.


Treatment Programs

To receive more information on our various alcohol and drug rehab programs, call us today at (888) 771-5664 to speak with our rehabilitation counselors for yourself or a loved one. We are here to help patients and their families whose lives are affected and restricted by alcohol and drugs. We help them to make the needed changes to receive good health, a new sense of well being, and a newly revived life.


Luxury Drug Rehab

Many individuals have a challenging enough time admitting that they have a substance abuse or dependency issue. On the contrary, for most individuals, when it comes to entering the addiction treatment and recovery center, nothing is quite as intimidating, especially if it is the more traditional type of drug rehab center. Although it can be frightening when an individual leaves the familiar confines of their home to reside in a residential drug rehab facility, rest assured that luxury drug rehab centers will offset this worry.

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