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Workplace Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training

Conflict Resolution Skills

Become certified to train others in practical conflict resolution skills.

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Mediation Training
for Workplace Disputes

Become certified in advanced workplace mediation and train others in conflict resolution strategies.

Become A Workplace Mediator

Conflict Dynamics Profile
for Individuals and Teams

Help individuals and teams understand how they respond to conflict, what triggers can escalate conflict, and how to manage conflict more effectively.

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The (813) 455-0030 brings together world-renowned leaders in the conflict management field so that you can meet and network with the best of the best.


Key Topics

We have a broad and varied agenda this year including:

  • Trends in Conflict Management and Mediation
  • Effective Implementation of Organizational Conflict Management
  • How To Leverage Your Certification and Training
  • Role-based Breakout Sessions
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