He won't go on to graduate school.


Kemal refused to believe that Albert was guilty.

Her eyes widened.

The large audience clapped at the end of the song.


There are some cookies under the table.

Jong drove.

Howard was wide awake.

Thank you for the soup.

Tyler has a family to support.

By the way, what's your address?

Don't try to move.

Neurons are cells.

Let's drink one more and I'll drive you home.

It's spring everywhere in the motherland.

Ray has done what we expected him to do.

She met the man of her dreams.

He went to the station to see his friend off.


The cave is easy of access.


We'll bring them.

I'm messy.

He was poor for a long time, but he is well off now.

Dewey heard someone screaming.

Well the son of that shop's family, seems it's come about that he's to have a shot-gun wedding with a local girl.

I will confess I was horribly frightened.

I'll have to be extra careful around her from now on.

Myrick wore bunny slippers.

Please stay for 5 more minutes.

Where did you have your new suit made?

The train left.


There is not a physical explanation for this phenomenon yet.


I bought a dog for him.


The principal severely reproved the students whenever they made a mess in the hallway.

She was alone with her baby in the house.

One wonders why.


I want to find out if Roger was at school today.

Computers were invented forty years earlier.

I must take back the money at all costs.

We be of one blood, thou and I.

After studying French for three years, Nicolo could speak it fairly well.


Is there a souvenir shop in the hotel?


Chet didn't have anyone to play with.

They ironed out their differences.

Pradeep got completely plastered.

They chose him as their representative.

The last thing I want to do is cause you any more pain.


Pull it open.

Moore is interested in French music.

They've arrested us.

You have butterfingers.

The dinner they served was badly cooked.

A good craftsman takes pride in his work.

We got along great.

He took me to the park yesterday.

Let's see what you're made of.

He is blind to his own defects.

The clerk induced her to buy the dress.


She need not have done the work.

Is the world more mad than usual this morning?

You eat potato chips.

I have few English books.

If you are going to build something in the air it is always better to build castles than houses of cards.

We'll get in touch with your family.

You're a beautiful woman.


"Whose goats are these?" "They are Yamina's."


The new computerised recording system experienced a number of teething problems before it was fully operational.

Sanjib spent years living on the streets of Boston.

He can speak English and French.


My brother and I like the same food.

June is not afraid of wasps.

You shouldn't judge a person by his looks.

Chip will be back in Boston tomorrow night.

Naomi didn't want to think about it.


More modern buildings are safer than older ones.

We'll arrive there within an hour.

Glenn is very old, isn't he?

Good morning, do I disturb you?

Can you manage to carry the suitcase by yourself?

It's impossible to cross the river by swimming. It's too wide!

It's only manners to tackle all out a game that they have gone all out in creating. Pressing the pause button is just rude!

She drowned a cat.

The girl bought milk from the market.

If the concrete is not reinforced with high-quality steel, it will be worthless.

Humans can't see ultraviolet light.

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She didn't put any cheese in her pasta dish.

He told a funny story.

Do you want to see my snake?

You just have to relax, OK?

There is nothing I can do to change that.


He eventually married an Italian woman ten years his junior.

I really appreciate it, Oskar.

I know what you're thinking now.

Does anyone know how to pronounce this character?

We're cuter then them.

Amir is a very kind person.

I got lost three times.


I never see him but I am happy.


Find the cat.

She's a pescetarian.

Leave while you can.

He has wide views.

That's what we did.


We know that everything we need to do is on the list.


List was a little surprised by the question.


She goes to school.

She can understand everything we're saying.

It's difficult to standardize language for a multi-ethnic nation.

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This lake supplies our city with water.

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"She asked about you." "What did she say?"

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You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.

He has appeared as the man of the day in today's paper.

I wish everybody liked me.


John is under pressure to find a solution to this problem.


Don't listen to him. He's just kidding.

They are satisfied.

They will notify Wendell.

Can you tell us about her?

It is forbidden to read books in this bookshop.

I think you're being a little hard on him.

I'm in the backyard.

They sell furniture.

An axe in the house keeps the carpenter away.

Do you like the taste of truffle?

Read the kinds of books that you can easily understand.

Sandy is going to be here three weeks.

I know you can't get away with this.

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We're going to be late for the game.


Won't that be fun?


I told you you didn't have to come over.

I had naan with the tea for breakfast.

Every man for his own trade.

Our train stopped suddenly.

You seem worried.

Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that.

Man is a wolf to man.


Write your letters with a pen.


You're the only Canadian I know that doesn't like bacon.

You said you'd help us.

Ruth is legally blind.

The new Tatoeba website will use a home-made "hyper" database, a "made-from-scratch" search engine, and will run on a tatoebux-OS server with a tatoetel CPU made entirely out of tatoebium.

That is most agreeable to the taste.

I'm dying to pick some fresh fruit.

I blamed him for his fault.


Dalhalla offers 20-25 events each summer, from June to September, and the program includes both opera performances and shows/concerts in many different music styles.


He studied on his own account.

She has a bicycle.

The government has now abandoned its plans to privatize parts of the health service.


You need somebody like me.

We'll do it some other time.

In flight, the airplane rotates about the center of gravity.

Johann is one of the best.

My doctor told me to quit smoking.

You have nothing.

In the English language many words contain letters which are not pronounced.

Do you want to end up like him?

The one who pays the bills calls the shots.

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She is not as young as she looks.


That's what I was afraid of.

I know why we're doing this.

I'm a stranger here myself. I'm afraid I can't help you.

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They set up a tombstone over the grave overlooking the harbor.