I'd like you to assist them.

A princess came to him in person.

Even chocolate contains vitamins.

She lives like a princess.

It's very difficult to do that.


The pantry is empty.

I am interested in movies.

Has the mail come yet?

Courtney never did learn how to do that correctly.

Did you vote yet?

They will understand.

I'll fix it by myself.


Myrick is dressed in an inappropriate manner.


Is there any work?

I'm returning your call.

They stood up for what was right.

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He's letting his fame go to his head.

The bridge collapsed when one of the cables broke.

Google has been accused of blocking competitors, like Microsoft, from its search results.


Education is the key to success.

Bring your daughter.

Where's Sri's assistant?

Well, you'll find out that after you cross. If I give too much away right from the start it won't be so interesting.

I'll never go out with Cecilia again.

You doubt, so you exist.

I'm sure Rik will be able to get to the bottom of it.

Play Chopin for me.

Tell Reid I'm working as fast as I can.


I went about with my dog.


She is always bright and smiling.

There was a look of appeal in her eyes.

I can't deal with this place.

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Holyrood is in uproar.


Gabriel dislocated his shoulder.

What exactly are your symptoms?

I don't want to keep my friend waiting.


Everybody's tired.

The doctor bent over the sick boy.

It is so humid in summer here.

Much caution does no harm.

See you tomorrow then!


It lies with you to decide which to choose.

Stanislaw has been searching for Sharada for years.

You're a human.

Rodney is an interior designer.

It's going to rain soon. Look at those black clouds.

Can we talk tomorrow?

Could you please get the jar of peanut butter from the top shelf for me?

The national health service was far from adequate.

The star is so bright as to be seen with the naked eye.

The spy was very furtive as he stole the keys from the guard.

Lean in closer.

We can stay up as late as we want.

Iran desires to befriend the world.

Movies are a great diversion.

I am wise enough to think that if one is born a fish, it is more dignified to die under the water than in the frying pan.

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Al-Ghazali likens the emotions to a kingdom's tax collectors.

The future looks really bright.

You didn't pass the test?

Bradley had to remind Billie to feed the dog.

When will we meet again?

I use Outlook's scheduler at work and I think I'd like to buy a PDA and synchronize them.

My son is now as tall as I am.

Was Jim on your team?

Pete is keeping a low profile, so he stays home a lot.

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People on that island are very poor.

Kenneth put two pieces of bread into the toaster.

That's not very romantic.

Tor doesn't need to worry about that kind of thing anymore.

She must be a swindler.

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You have to paint the whole house all by yourself? You sure have your work cut out for you.

She slipped something in his coffee.

Miss Colombia is sexier and more beautiful than Miss Venezuela.

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Bernard doesn't study hard enough.

There is no fact so uncontroversial that there is not someone, somewhere, who denies it.

As long as I live, you shall want for nothing.

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Thank you for helping me clean out the garage.

Irwin and I are both a little busy right now.

You guys should really be wearing safety glasses.


We went back to my place and then we started coloring pictures together.


What's that smell like to you?

In any case, you don't need to worry.

I eat pineapple sherbert.


Where should we put them?

She could be French.

I speak French to my staff.


Subra has gone skiing.


All things change, and we also change with them.


Do you know where I can find it?

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Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.

"Talking about 108, that's the number of worldly passions." "What worldly passions have you got then?" "I could say, but it'll get censored out."

My uncle teaches English in a college.

He left a while ago.

Take one of me.


I'll give you something to help you sleep.

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I think you're partly to blame for the negotiation breakdown.

She tried to take down every word the teacher said.

The last volume is missing from this set.


At that high school, sports is more important than academics.

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Hughes was caught stealing a car.


If you see the cat in this picture, please call us.

They would make a perfect couple.

He left the motor running.

Where else are you going to a guitar of this quality for such a reasonable price?

As is often the case with educated people, he likes classical music better than popular music.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore.

I'm tired of listening to her.

My home is on the eighth floor.

Laurel's house was destroyed by the hurricane.

Miki and Kylo discussed their plans for the future.

I like to invite my friends home.

I don't want to turn myself in.

That was the only way we could defend ourselves against all this terrible shooting.

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I spent twelve hours on the train.

I have to know for sure.

When do you want me to send these invitations to our customers?

This piece of information is very important to us.

They'll never tell me to go.

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I didn't even think that was possible.

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Tell me what this is all about.


Surya makes it a rule to get up early.


Critics do not solve the crisis.


I like when he speaks to me, regardless of what he tries to say; I like the simple fact that he wants to talk to me about something.

She's off and running.

His views are in accord with mine.

The cat sleeps next to the couch.

Julius asked Tran to meet him in the lobby.

He was burning to go home.

You can sit down if you want.

We worked really well together.

Even native speakers of a language don't know all of its words.

Please don't use Facebook at work.

Hartmann called me a few hours ago.

We wear uniforms at our school.

I've got it right here.


You have to get us out of here.

You should just stay here.

What conclusions did they come to?

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Alf floated down the river on a raft.

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In March, the ground is still too cold to plant anything in the garden.

Around his facts the scientist weaves a logical pattern or theory which gives the facts meaning, order, and significance.

The knife punctured his lung.

I'm thinking about you.

I really want you to meet Judy.

I'm fucked up.

Diana hasn't changed very much.

Anne certainly was drunk last night.

They were cut off from food supplies.

It's easy for them.

Adlai wasn't supportive.

Blacken the circles next to the correct answers with an HB pencil.

Charlie flew to Boston on business.

Turn on the air conditioner.

Students bustled about all the night.

They have branches all over the world, from Calcutta to New York City.

Franklin went up to the stage and presented the next artist.


I said I couldn't do it.

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Any doubts about the validity of this argument are promptly forgotten once we see the data.

A win is a win!

I've heard about all your problems.