Are you frightened yet?

Your name affects your personality.

Do you know where I can go online?

Meeks likes his new car.

We are to meet at the station at seven.

I was there with Paola.


My strength is all gone.

I hope things get better.

Eliot has lost interest.


You talked to Warren, right?

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Did you do something you shouldn't have?

I think we're safe here.

Everybody paid.


He still rings me from time to time.

She looked at him with hatred.

Vicky is obviously drunk.


My brother is eight years older than me.

Let me ask you one question.

Let's play tennis this afternoon.

His ideas never made him any money.

I haven't heard that song since I was in high school.


None of these games are interesting.

I was pretty convinced.

Jorge used a fake ID.


The elevator's out of order, so we'll have to take the stairs. At least it's only two floors!

His father consented to my plan against his will.

That never happened to me.

OK, that's enough.

What is your idea?

He's jealous.

This means that you will never see a biography about me.

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Peter has been trying to find a new apartment for some time.

Marek always misunderstands me.

I usually go to sleep very early.


Beverly is the leader of the race.

I have sunglasses.

Look there.

Axel did come over that night.

One of his companies developed the Dragon spacecraft and the Falcon rocket; the former has docked with the international space station, and the latter has successfully landed on a floating platform in the ocean.


They have access to the library.

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I thought I'd lend a hand.

The people crowded round the injured man, but they made way for the doctor when he reached the scene of the accident.

O, how thy worth with manners may I sing, when thou art all the better part of me? What can mine own praise to mine own self bring, and what is't but mine own whe I praise thee?


Did you do it by yourselves?

To err is human. Blaming someone else is wise.

The agreement between the two results is just shy of 50%.

Luis is wrapping Alf's present now.

I saw him blink.

It'll be done by the time you get here.

Sanford finally had to get a restraining order because Jan kept stalking him.

Eh? We said we'd go to the park? I didn't realise.

Sometimes it's fun to creep yourself out thinking about it.

He blamed the teacher for his failure.

I don't like buildings.

Grammar is confusing.

I wonder why we play tennis in miniskirts.

You rewrote it, didn't you?

Don't judge me too harshly.


Your dad will be proud of you.

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He denied the fact of her having called him that evening.

I want to go to London.

Beth lost some weight.

The player put an easy smash into the net.

Are you going to the prom with anyone?

I hope there are no hard feelings.

The green color becomes Alice.

He dozed off in history class.

I want to be in show business.

Floyd, what's the matter?

My father has lived in Nagoya for more than fifteen years.


Pierre crawled into bed just before midnight.

As is usual with him Mike was late for the meeting this afternoon.

I knew he was different.

The location isn't the problem.

Thanks for bringing it up.

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Uncontrolled, these forces may be dangerous and destructive, but once mastered they can be bent to man's will and desire.

We're just students.

I'm going to call the police.

What're they going to do to Chris and Belinda?

We have to find a way to get Amos to help us.

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He asked if I like mathematics.


Why are you always here?

It is only normal to want to be happy.

Adlai is about the same age as you, I suppose.

Sarah started singing along.

"Rebecca drank three cups of coffee after dinner." "No wonder he couldn't sleep."

The rich are apt to look down on people.

Only I can do it. I did it alone.

An hour later, his fever got worse.

What did you and Hiroyuki do yesterday?

Well, we managed to land at the last moment.

We have to cut business expenses here. Haven't you ever heard of looking at how much you're getting before you start spending?

I'm not going out on a limb for you because you never helped me before.

He is acquainted with the modern history of France.

"Isn't she nice? I think we'll get on just fine." "Same here."

I always forget that I already logged in.

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The book is my best friend.


Come back here.


He gets jealous when I talk to other guys.

This job is dead easy.

Do you want to do it again?

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He hurried to his parents as soon as he received the letter.

Love belongs to those who think about it.

Any house rules I should know about?


My father is out.

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What do you guys have?


I love watching baseball.

Please don't mistake my meaning.

She didn't want her daughter to go out at night.

Have you spoken with him?

You said that once already.

There was no student in the playground.

It was a usual evening in the King of Hyrule's Castle.


That doesn't make any sense to me.

The road to Kazan lies through a dense forest.

He took advantage of her kindness.

She feigned an illness.

I came across a lot of interesting stories for my new book.

You're patient.

How could you do this to him?

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I need my glasses.


Merat is kind of handsome, isn't he?

Please tell me Gretchen is kidding.

Who will the new teacher be?

You can get this medicine without a prescription.

I'll let you know as soon as I know.


We can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of ancient people from this wall painting.

I thought you didn't have any family.

I was not as strong as my father.

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Mariou will need more money.


I don't want you.

I told Edmund it was time to quit.

I just hope Duncan doesn't get too close.

It's a very clever piece of kit.

Japan relies on Arab countries for oil.

Turn it up.

She will be a college student next spring.

You really should've told Leonard that he didn't have to come.

Christina is not going to like it.

May I trouble you for the pepper?

I told Myron we'd be late.

Case finds it hard to unwind after work and has trouble getting to sleep.

He followed in her wake.


Could you splice these two pieces of rope together for me?

Is he still there?

His explanation was not satisfactory.

Dwayne wasn't born blind.

Listen, you can hear all the frogs starting to croak outside. At first I found them annoying, but I've gotten used to them now.

Olivier was hard on Randolph.

No, Sir, I am German.

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Can you tell me about him?


Mahmoud whiled away a few hours before dinner revising his travel plans for his upcoming trip.

He assumed an air of great importance.

Rajendra can't do it all on his own.

He sent me a letter to the effect that his poultry farm would go bankrupt sooner or later.

You refused to answer my questions.

She sneaked into the room.

I had lunch with her.

Hillel is studying in her room.

I got on the horse.

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"I know him well." "Oh, do you?"

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Glenn will be back just in time for Christmas.

Hurry up and get dressed. You're going to miss your ride.

Why was I fired?