About Us

We are a company dedicated to develop Web, Mobile and Cloud Applications, we also design and deploy complex Software Systems for any size of companies. During the life of IT CODE 101 we were helping our clients to improve their business implementing different kind of software and applications, this company has learn a lot about making software process more eficient, more flexible and more secure for our clients, since developers, testers, DBAs, Iterations Managers, Software Architects, Business Analyst and all the main involved in the software developmet constantly are updating their skills with the most update technology to offer our clients the best choices.

Our Mission

Develop applications using the latest and secure technology to ensure the project can cover the needs of our clients, Deploy high quality applications implementating high secure and high development standards to every projects

Our Plan

Implement high standards for development process, involve the client to every step for their application development, following strictly a schedule to deploy every phase agreed with the client.

Our Vision

By 2021 IT CODE 101 is going to be one of the best and recognized company in latin america inside Software and applications development, implementing high secure and development standards to ensure our clients satisfaction..


Inside "IT CODE 101" we analyse, design and develop software and applications for all kind of companies not matter the size, utilizing a quickly, eficient and high quality process for software and applications development all this getting expert people in all the software fields to ensure our client sucess.

Web and Cloud Applications

For web and cloud applications we have expert people in software development using JavaScript (Node JS, AngularJS, Angular 4 and 5, Ember JS, BackboneJS,ReactJS), Java SE, Java EE (Spring, Hibernate, Struts JSF, Servrlets), Python, Microsoft ASP .NET, Microsoft WinForms.

Mobile Appliations

For Mobile Application we develop Native Applications and Hybrid Applications for Android, IOS and Windows Phone. We use Java Android, Swift 3, Objective-C, Phonegap, Ionic.

Desktop Applications

In desktop applications we manage Java EE, C#, Swift 3, C++.
In Database Applications we manage MySQL, SQL Server, PostgresSQL, DB2, Cloudant, DashDB, MongoDB.

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