Where the fuck his hand is going?

I was about to say something.

I have my reasons for doing that.

I thought Niels would be grateful.


That movie turned out to be a dud.

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I kept the ball rolling by talking.

Ruth attends the local gaelscoil.

Marco was unable to shut down the reactor.


I sold my house and furniture, together with my jewelry in order to scrap together a half a million.

He is thought to be guilty.

You can depend on Jack.


I like stoats.

Murph should be at school.

Don't tell him the answer.


He does far better than you do at school.

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They were forced to withdraw.

He will never make it.

Traditional Japanese furniture is made without using any nails or screws.


You're too laid back.

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A punch is just a punch. A kick is just a kick.


You saw what happened, didn't you?


There are as good fish in the sea now as ever.


How am I still alive?


I like it when it's snowing.

I want to see you alone.

We are free from danger.


Tran doesn't get paid.

What time is the next performance?

Stop flirting with me.

He took out a piece of chalk.

Which concert did you choose to attend?

How awful!

Kimmo is a drunkard.


This is the extent of my ability.


I had forgotten about that.

I don't think I've seen you around here before.

We can go both on foot.

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Neither of the drowning men could be saved.


This store here is open around the clock.

Lisa and Maureen weren't listening to music.

The best yarn is that spun by hand.

Do not be absurd.

Six men came forward to volunteer for the work.

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Take only one.

What might that be?

I'd like coffee rather than tea, please.

I want brown shoes, not black ones.

The dog is trying to escape.

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Why do you beat your children?


You need to tell Ken what happened.

The door opened.

Where was Mahmoud being held?

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I can't get along with that man any more.

Do I look that stupid?

After he died, my life was turned upside down.

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Children usually get up early on Christmas.


I think you're having a better time than you want to admit.

She put her head out of the window.

Ask her if she'll sew up the hole in your jeans.

I bought a twelve-pack of beer, and went to the park to spend the night with it.

Japan is abundant in water and people.

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Roberta is starting to panic.

My wife wanted to adopt a child.

Floria is more famous than you.

I lost the watch my father had given me.

I have other plans for them.

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Betty seemed surprised at the news.


I like this airline's in-flight meal.

We're going to the movies tonight.

The goal of phenomenological research is to arrive at the


I was hoping you could do it.

Wet and stormy areas will get wetter and stormier.

This is the same book as I have.

Meehan says he doesn't have very much money on him right now.

It is better to accomplish the smallest feat in the world, than to lay low for a half hour.

How many photos are in this album?

He has located Rob.

Rudolph is abusive and manipulative.

Dick is sometimes late for school.

The image does not match reality.

We're in college.

The meeting was held at the principal's office.

During the 1920's alcohol prohibition in the United States, whiskey could be obtained legally with a doctor's prescription.


The overall output was tons.

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Jones is someone I look up to.


I didn't pose for any pictures.

I'll miss this place once I leave.

If he had started walking early, he would have arrived by now.

You really do have a beautiful smile.

I had to work hard when I was young.


I should have read the insurance policy more carefully.


The curtain wants cleaning.

Take it and go!

Let's get to it.

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Could you make an exception?


He didn't press her.

I can not.

This jam jar's lid is stuck and won't open.

I want to stay and watch.

You should chew your food well.

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If you order tonkatsu at that place, it also comes with a mountain of cabbage.

Your services are no longer required.

She easily catches cold.

That's quite meaningless.

I have nothing else in the world.

Was he, in fact, guilty of wrongdoing?

How many do you want?

Please put these glasses away.

I approve of her plan.

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Roderick is really tough, isn't he?

You like to hurt people.

She is not only kind but honest.

I knew we could count on you.

The matter touches your interest.

I'd love to find out why she said so.

I don't think there's any point in discussing this.

Len's phone is huge.

How much is everything?

I regret not having paid more attention to what the teacher said.

This would be a lot easier if you would help.

Well, what do you think we should do?

Brandi told his son not to speak with his mouth full.

They still have bread. Do you want some?

Judy sent her children to bed.

There are a good many reasons why you shouldn't do it.

I hate my clothes!

Dwight is psychic.

I think Paul is objective.


Julian began to move.

I've always tried to keep an open mind.

Why does nobody eat my potatoes?

I'd forgotten about that.

I like three day weekends.


That made them smile.

How much did you pay us?

Water is the essence of life.

Elvis had to take care of his grandfather.

As soon as man is born, he begins to die.

Dan couldn't find what I'd hidden.

That's Miltos's horse.

I felt powerless.

More haste, less speed.

It was well worth the trouble.

I always do that.

Trevor managed to finish his homework quickly.

He's flexible.

I wouldn't want anybody to see us.

I am sure you heard about the explosion that happened in Istanbul.

Joanne wanted from Surya more than he could provide.

He returns from Boston tomorrow.

The earthquake in Hokkaido caused extensive damage.

We are liable for the damage.

Pizza and beer aren't a bad combination.

And why should I believe in the existence of this study?


That isn't what I meant to say.

That flower smells sweet.

Music surrounds our lives like air.

After some hours traveling, the young Dawn fatigued, arrived at the peak of the mount.

Vick is the outstanding singer of this club.

Morton said he didn't want to do that.

Will feeding my dog garlic cause any problems?