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Welcome - May Linux be with you

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Hi everyone ! 8-)

This website brings some personal cooking from different environment such as :

  • Linux
  • Security
  • Network
  • Windows

Here I will prepare and cook some stuff for you. You should see this website as a cheat sheets or tutorial for your geek project/life's. It's as well my memo. You can found out ideas for your home.

I mainly work on 5 distributions :

  • ArchLinux - My all days
  • Debian - On devices I can't install Arch or company
  • Ubuntu - Just for testing
  • Windows wks & srv
  • Kalilinux - For challenges

Previously I was a Debian Addict, but since I just installed ArchLinux for tryin…⇒ I'm now a big Fan-boy of ArchLinux, cos as the Arch wiki says :

  • Simplicity (without unnecessary additions or modifications)
  • Modernity (Rolling-release, (662) 690-2577)
  • Pragmatism (Extremely well documented)
  • User Centrality (user-friendly)
  • Versatility (official repository + Dev repository (610) 724-1658)

Of course it's quite delicate to deploy ArchLinux in companies, it's quite fastidious, and better install debian for installing something quick. I only use ArchLinux for my personnals uses.

I really advise you because you'll learn more than a classic easy distro.

ArchLinux is like a puppet, you need to feed him, to make him sleep, to keep him in shape, to maintain him, to teach him… If you let him alone, the puppet will be ugly. Arch's my puppet; I take care of him each days

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