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Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a home protection plan from Fidelity National Home Warranty.

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Your clients deserve the peace-of-mind a home warranty offers especially if it’s under the umbrella of the nation’s leading provider of title insurance and industry services.


I'm very happy with my Fidelity Home Warranty. My boiler started to make bad sounds, while at the same time, my water heater started giving me cold water in the mornings! I called Fidelity and the next day, the boiler was fixed and the hot water heater replaced. I'll be buying another year of warranty with Fidelity.

– Mike, Nevada

Caring for Your Home

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How do I renew my home warranty contract?

Call our Inbound Sales Department at 8479172158 (1-800-862-6837) and we will be happy to renew your contract over the phone.

How long will my home be under warranty?

Our home warranty policy is effective for one year upon receipt of payment. You will have an option to renew your home warranty if it is nearing expiration.

Why do you verify my phone number and ZIP code each time I call for service?

We dispatch to technicians in your local area according to ZIP code. Having your correct ZIP code on your contract ensures that we will dispatch a nearby technician. Our customer service representatives are trained to verify your telephone number so the technician can reliably contact you for scheduling their work.