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New from-scratch logo for 5th Special Forces Group ODA 5236, a 31"x31"x1.5" sword holding Torii plaque, and a guidon-mounting “Shogun 6” Plaque for the Company Commander of HHC 21 BEB . 5th Group Special Forces Fort Campbell Ky Battlehard 3-187 FRG 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division - Air Assault 21st Brigade Engineer Battalion, 3rd BCT, 101st Airborne Division HHC, 21st Engineer Battalion
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It’s never been more busy around the shop! Check out our recent work.
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Recent work, including a new casting for HHC 21 BEB "Shogun", a unique mounted minigun barrel plaque, frosted vinyl for "Bonecrusher" Battery, tiki challenge coins for Havoc 1-32 CAV, a large metal sign for Dealer 1-75 CAV, and a laser engraved shotgun!
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A very special gift for a well loved Officer and one of the best projects I've completed to-date! #NSDQ
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New concrete casting! This crest represents all of the medics in 160th SOAR(A) and is one of the most complex 3D designs we've taken on. Matthew Lombard used the 2D image provided by the customer as the basis for the sculpture. Every detail had to be meticulously recreated, piece by piece, and arranged in such a way as to allow the final piece to be moldable and structurally sound in concrete at 11.5" in overall diameter. **Update** The new images with the white material are photos of the first plaster mold. 9.5 Hours of machining to get the high detail.
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We've been very busy at Lombard Design lately! Check out some of our recent work.