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I love technology. Computers, phones, TVs, tablets, whatever. Together, they’ve played a guiding role in my life and inspire my work. Technology has taught me to solve problems creatively, be ready for the next big thing, and understand the growing union between reality and digital platforms.

To see my portfolio, pull up this website on a desktop, tablet, or a larger window.

  • 8 years Photoshop experience.
  • Additional experience in Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects.
  • Experience with languages such as HTML, C#, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Designed and implemented GUIs for websites, PC apps, and the Sony PlayStation Portable XMB.
  • Built and maintains the server that this website is hosted from.
  • View my full resume.


Though I prefer web/interface design, I’ll gladly work on any graphic design project. That means anything from magazine design to branding to advertising. Shoot me an e-mail if you think your project may apply to me.

Even though I'm located in Boca Raton, Florida, I welcome jobs from any location.


For any other methods of contact, shoot me an e-mail.


Every project is unique, so I can’t give you a final price or rate without details. I must have a solid understanding of the project before I can provide an estimate. I’m a person, not a robot. (Though I am sometimes confused for one.)


This magazine ad is one of several from the HealthSource One integrated marketing campaign. Unlike most health insurance companies, HealthSource One is marketed towards younger demographics. Targeting the ages of 18 to 35, this ad reminds viewers that sudden illnesses can have a massive impact on their lives, and that they should be prepared. The puzzle metaphor is used across the campaign, in this piece, reinforces that health and health care is an essential piece of life.

This poster is one of several from the HealthSource One integrated marketing campaign. Unlike most health insurance companies, HealthSource One is marketed towards younger demographics. The style is intended to grab the attention of younger demographics. The puzzle metaphor is used across the campaign, and in this case demonstrates that HealthSource One will make having insurance easy, since it isn’t a topic many young people care to spend much time on.


Comic Shop Hero is a small online shop, designed for comic book lovers to easily find and subscribe to comic book series from multiple publishers. The website was designed with an identifiable comic book style and easily allows users to discover the latest, popular comics, along with older issues.

What the title says, it's the mobile version of seprint.com. Check it out on your phone (that's seprint.com, if you don't want to scroll your eyes backwards). Or just look at some of the other pictures of the site and pretend you're looking at a cell phone.

undespatched (601) 885-0961

With the rise of digital media, this poster proclaims the death of print.

Console ads are generally vague but flashy, and consumers have been desensitized to them over the years. By visually deconstructing the PlayStation 3, consumers are shown exactly what makes the PlayStation 3 unique. This dramatic change in presentation grabs the attention of desensitized consumers by using quick fact over pointless pazzaz.

816-843-2967 573-725-4031

People don't get print. This book teaches them and is a wonderful reference for all things (read: 23 things) print!

480-563-2443 (787) 487-2783

Created around the release of Google play, this video demonstrates the features and flexibility of Google’s new media services. All editing and animating is my own, along with several illustrations.


Once upon a time, I made a prototype of portfolio site for myself in Flash. Not brilliant in retrospect, but still an example of my proficiency in Adobe Flash.

My personal, printed portfolio book. It's like the website you're looking at, in book form.


Fantasme, a non-existant start-up soup company, was in need of branding. Due to targeting middle class families, Fantasme needed to be family-friendly but still retain the idea that it enhances a meal. As such, the Fantasme brand uses a half-serious tone, expressed in the smileinducing moustached chef logo. The color palette and imagery expresses elegance, but the cartoony style expresses the understanding that it isn’t truly an elegant product, and invites the customer to indulge in that fantasy of elegance.

A cute and humorous manual on how to fix a computer if you’re “an old person”. Grandma, please don’t read this.

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