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My body shivered with excitement.

It's time for your shot.

I need that as soon as possible.

I'm smarter than everyone else here.

Mother is calling me home.


You're missing the bigger picture.


Lucifer tried to hide his confusion.

What kind of deodorant do you prefer, spray or roll-on?

I've given him the benefit of the doubt one too many times.


It's too early.

Sal is older than I thought he was.

I need you to see this.


I couldn't do that to you.

Slander is a crime.

I just need to find her.

No, I went out.

To improve the situation, we must work harder.

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Italy invests in small and middle industries, while America invests in large industries.

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We're very happy together.


This is an easy question.


Stanly will be home in October.

Filiberto just lost his job.

Phiroze is mopping the kitchen floor.


How much did this bicycle cost?


I'm speaking Ottoman.


Just by chance, what are you trying to do?


It was a perfect day.

I think Troy should be punished.

Where do you go to school?

Please join us.

I hear that Bob and Lucy have broken up.


The mother is certain, the father is not.

We've got bigger problems to deal with.

You know how to repair computers, don't you?

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It is cheaper to order by the dozen.

Kerri has talent.

You've left out a word in copying the textbook.

I have no complaints.

You must not lack decorum dealing with your benefactors.

I should have talked to you first about it.

Why are you beating me?

It seems that she lives in the neighborhood of the school.

Why does your brother hate me?

Are you people stupid?

I feel it's something I can do.


I know that this doesn't interest you.

Since the drug company had selected only favourable or neutral research reports to submit to the government for approval, and had failed to disclose any data from those studies which had shown the experimental drug to be harmful, the company was perceived to be unethical, and many lawyers believed that lawsuits were now in the offing.

Its fabric didn't come from India, did it?

I'd like to buy a Picasso.

The picture reminds me of my childhood.


Do not do that.

He has got as many as fifty novels written in English.

Let's be friends forever.

I never ever disagree with Luke.

I can't write in Chinese.

Spy's always been there.

It's time to wake up.


I really need to study tonight.


I need to come clean.


Do you really want to be a soldier?

Everybody said it couldn't be done.

Children are the flowers of our life.


The police planted evidence at the crime scene.


Amedeo left his coat downstairs.

I'm a cat.

I thought we had a good time.

Take this or that.

George did business in the same manner as his father.

The tele-evangelist has a large, if deluded, following.

Are you going to visit any other countries?

Thousands of people went to see President Lincoln.

She took care of the children.

We need to deal with this now.

Butler did something I'd never do.

You have arrived at the bottom.

Vickie asked Elvis to find out how to apply for a visa.


I'll call back as soon as I can.


Nora's important.


Safety is always our concern.


I have a feeling the worst is yet to come.

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Let's not start drinking until Triantaphyllos gets here.


Never have I read such an interesting story.

Ahmed and Doug are both quiet.

I guess somebody didn't want you to do that again.

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I'm living in Kunming at the moment.

This thing is alive.

You'd be dead if Mayo hadn't saved you.


Father reached his office later than usual this morning.

Oh, that's ancient history!

Neville can't afford to take a vacation now.

I'm doing this for them.

We should back him up so as to make the project a success.

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They got scared and killed her.

You haven't downloaded that app yet?

I thought so, too.

Chuck didn't complain, did he?

Could you put those documents on my desk?

Shahid was in the firing line when his boss left it to him to field questions from angry shareholders.

A penumbral lunar eclipse can be hard to see.

Will you go to Copacabana today?

She was not happy about it.


Thank God it's over.


I can't help but think you're making a mistake.

You're giving me a headache.

Slartibartfast might be able to get you what you want.


Raul made a noise.


They all gazed at the magician's movements.


Holly is doing quite well.

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We are taking our final exam.

She laughed to cover her fear.

I wanted to have had everything my own way.


You can blame me.

What's your favorite game?

Let's go and watch the Easter parade.

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She was fired from her job.


If you don't get your act together you won't graduate from high school.

Do you want to stay here all day?

Please tell me this isn't true.


I would like your picture.

Are they students?

I can get you there.

You two seem to get along well.

I took her for an American.

We still have time to evacuate.

Why would I be mad?


Israel is the Jew among the national states!


Joe deserves a raise.


I'm going to throw her out.


I sat down to translate the sentence shown on the main page to my native language, and half an hour and two dozen sentences later I had to convince myself to stop.

You are overworked.

We are leaving for Hawaii tonight.

Is it okay to come tomorrow too?

Your room number, please.

Pantelis underestimated me.

I had the weirdest dream last night.

You can't say that civilization doesn't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.

Please wash your hands properly before eating.

Will this change things?

Lou found a few good deals at the flea market.

It was such a pleasant day that we went for a walk.

She passed me pretending not to know me.

Did you notify Kenn?

Sheathe your sword.

Try as she may, she will not be able to please him.

This restaurant provides good meals.

The same phenomenon has been observed.

Pratapwant and I didn't get a chance to talk.

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When will you leave for Boston?


Why is she your friend?

We arrived in Boston late at night.

Sorry that I can't accept your love.

Excuse me, which way is the station?

I'm not stamping their postcards.