I'm excited about the move.

I have xenophobia.

I'm quitting smoking.

The car is bad.

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Do you want to go swimming or not?

You have thirty days.

What floor is the daily goods department on?

Rafael and Raman didn't go to the dance together.

Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.


What I remember most about that movie is the last scene.

In any case, just being wanted by the police isn't enough to make you "a criminal."

Because her parents got divorced, the girl had hardly any contact with her father.

This is not acceptable.

I'm not as tall as Pratapwant.


For a professional, he gave a poor account of himself in today's game.

I called everyone I know.

I can't hold up my head before him.


Do I make myself clear?

Women hate Major.

If you do this, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

If you learn Chinese well, you can go study in China.

I think I overreacted.


Ask her what she bought.


Does Helge have to write the letter today?

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Curtis works in archeology.

The Coty company sells perfumes.

He's been abroad for six years now.


I can't do it now.

She darted across the house to her room and closed the door behind her.

You need sleep as much as I do.

Kristin's sister is a nun.

We must apply corrective measures.


Does your brother have his own house in Germany?


You want to learn Japanese, so I suggest you visit Japan.

Mother prepared us lunch.

I want to know why you think we should do this.

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This product has significant shortcomings.

In this city, there are thousands who live eight or ten to a room.

You need to drive farther south to reach Boston.

Pieter and Benson clung to each other.

He went from door to door asking for contributions.

He married a stewardess.

It's cold today.

I wish you a pleasant evening.

We express our gratitude for Mr Smith's outstanding, challenging speech.

Her husband's illness caused her great anxiety.

Preparations for the ceremony are under way.

She was jolly well made to pay.

I have to be back by 2:30.

Can you help us out?

The state faces a financial crisis.

Martha has been a friend of mine for years.

Edwin made a serious mistake.

She hates rules.

Why don't you tend to your own affairs?


I have a plastic tumbler.


You can ask him for help.


Trust is everything.

I don't need to tell you anything.

Ralf's prognosis was poor.

I've always wanted to meet him.

It was magnificent.

There is nothing to prevent my going.

Do it carefully. I don't like botched jobs.


We have other things that have to be done.

Dani gave a very long speech yesterday.

Manjeri was sent off to prison.

He went from his house up to the railroad station.

This dictionary puts a special emphasis on usage.


Hey guys! That's not funny!

Don't forget your bag.

This work is an improvement on your last.

My phone number has changed.

It's healthy to be crazy.

He works in the lab.

We could hear the groans of the injured man.

This kind of thing happens when you don't pay attention to what you're doing.

Born in Japan, I make it a rule to have rice at dinner.

Elsa hasn't shaved since last Monday.

Will they be the only ones doing the work this weekend?

This is a tribute to all the Native Americans who died to defend their land, their people and their culture ever since Christopher Columbus set foot on their land.

Markus didn't tell us how big your house was.

Jess makes a point of getting up early.

She made a tour of America, stopping in six cities.


It's only the poor who are generous.


Kuldip is doing a crossword puzzle.

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The lady has a graceful manner.


John was shot in the back.

Alexander's backyard is full of junk he's picked up at garage sales.

Keeton wanted to know if this is true.

I had a drink with lunch.

What kind of bed would you advise us not to buy?

He lost his head and fled in a mad rush.

Tony saw green fields and small, quiet villages.

Ben is an enterprising young man.

I spent three months in hospital when I was thirteen.

I think that what he says isn't true.

I would've liked to do that.

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland.

Bonnie is emotionally blackmailing Cristi.

It's the minister's first official trip.

Is it far from your place?


Hui is very good at playing the piano.

Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens.

I just wanted to go jogging.

I saw the game.

Please tell Miriam it's important.

I told Vijay a few jokes.

The relaxing sounds will carry you away.


Suddenly it began to rain.


Have you taken your break yet?

Let's take a walk on the beach.

Science is not fantasy.

Nobody wanted to mention my country.

The emphasis of his talk was on the need to work hard.

How do you know that Elisabeth is undressing you with his eyes?

I can't afford to pay you.

People suffering from low level of blood sugar disorder, because they lack the power to suppress their emotions, get easily frightened and angry.

Some fluid is leaking into our office.


I accept, but only under one condition.

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It's pretty easy to imagine.

Nakido is a file sharing platform.

The community will benefit from the new industry.


Rodney likes tea with cinnamon.

I will fight to the death.

I did see him.

I'm interested in ancient cities throughout the world.

My son likes books about animals.

The celebrations culminated in a spectacular fireworks display.

We'll protect each other.

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I can't make Adrian stop.


I'm pretty sure Bart has left town by now.

I think Polly may be telling the truth.

I am grateful for your help.

They cried out with one voice.

Some learned to play musical instruments.


She seems to have no interest in soccer.

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They need to be prepared to pay more.

And so God took mercy on her, and gave her a girl.

Audrey said that he wanted to learn French.


I don't know when I should be there.

10% of the inhabitants come from Japan.

Blaine stared directly into Piet's eyes.


No one but Piet handed back the report.

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Heaving a great sigh I plunk my bread on the table and flump onto the chair.

Sorrel mumbled something in French.

You can improve your English if you try.


Wendy was not always interested in Japanese festivals.

Timing is always important.

I share your grief.


Samuel told Lenora to clean her room.

You must do it yourself.

Either is acceptable.

Don't study.

The Chinese government controlled the internet to prevent the people from knowing the truth of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

He is no longer young.

The other one is no good.

All visitors are subject to inspection.

No autumn fruit without spring blossom.

Do you have your passport with you?

I just can't resist chocolate.

I have to prepare for the test in English.

Where's my father?


Having begun to read the book on the commuter train, I became fascinated, and for the only time in my life I went past my stop.