Our Mission


The Mission of Unisource is to represent manufacturers who are dedicated to manufacturing high quality products; who provide a full range of support services; and, who are committed to maintaining technological advances. Unisource is committed to maintaining the highest level of professional integrity with focus on providing value added support service to food service dealers, consultants, and end-users to assure "Security Of Purchase" for the products that we represent.




Our Commitment

Our commitment to providing on-going assistance was accomplished in 1999 by the Building of our 5000 sq. ft. "Resource and Development Training Center" located in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Development Center was the first of its kind, offering a full venue of operational resources to support all customer segments of the foodservice industry. Foodservice Equipment Dealers, Design Consultants, Chain Operators, Marine Operators, Owners, Managers, and Chefs of Commercial and Non-Commercial Operations will attain professional assistance from our Registered Dietitian and Professional Chefs on staff to assist in answering nutrition, sanitation, recipe, and production questions.

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