She was at a loss for words.

You've never trusted me, have you?

As a matter of course you must go there yourself.

I read your new book with real delight.

I hid the true amount I spent from him.

I'm going to Stockholm.

I didn't agree to help them.

She doesn't know how to cook rabbit.

There wasn't even a speck of dust on the table.

Would you like me to shave the back of your neck?

Jordan started working.

A pelican can fit a lot of fish in its beak.

The change was immediate.

What happened freaked her out.

Andries can sit in my chair.

Had she told me the truth in the first place, I wouldn't be angry now.

Don't throw stones into the river.

Does my being here bother you?

There is a short program of local news on the radio.

I don't look like I'm elderly.

Let's go somewhere nice.

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There were once upon a time a poor man and a rich woman.


He put forward a plan for improving the rate of production.

Didn't I tell you Rajeev would blow it?

She has a passion for her work.

It may rain tomorrow, but we are going in any case.

The beekeepers think that GMOs are harmful to the health of their bees.


I want to introduce you to some people.

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I'll be staying.

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She exhaled loudly.

It was a church event.

Obesity rates around the world are rising.

That's kind of the point.

Don't get mad, promise.

It began to rain.

But do you like it?

I am going to the store now.

You look beautiful.


Do you want me to try it?

I've been trained to deal with this kind of problem.

Skef had a little trouble finding Siegurd's house.

I know the perfect place for our party.

Can you give us a hand?


Dean doesn't want to see Knute anymore.


That's enough money to cover the expenses.

Thank you for listening.

Evelyn said that he had eaten lunch with his friends.

It looks like Van is beginning to worry what might happen.

I had a mishap.


It's insanely hot today.


We didn't want to upset her.

I hear that William hired you.

He is making every possible effort to pass the examination.

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My interest quickened.

Fletcher nodded affirmatively.

He stalled the engine three times.

There's someone behind him.

His behavior really got on my nerves.


He received three ships from the Queen.


He believed he would have all the time he needed.


No one wanted to volunteer.

Guillermo is standing right behind Neil.

Jared always worries about money.


Gypsy came just before dinner.

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It's pretty quiet around here.


I'm thinking of changing majors.

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We waited until 2:30.

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John Lennon was born in 1940.


How did you know Sjouke wanted to go to Boston?

Emil gave me no choice.

We're not actually going to go there, are we?


Mikey only had a dim recollection of what Lievaart looked like.


We'd better get back before dark.

As Roberto and Ravi approached the station, they saw their train pull out.

Keep not two tongues in one mouth.

I have many Esperanto-speaking friends.

Guido handed Izzy a beer.

It's a nice day, isn't it? Why not go out for a walk?

"I have to see him." "What for?"

He pestered her with questions.

Suyog eats more food than Leonard does.

Did Patricio hit you?

Major has no idea what my problems are.

We live in a wonderful period.

It's OK, I'm invincible.

Professor Hudson is my father's friend.

There's only one bath towel in our bathroom.

Ellen brought Olof a glass of water.

Why can't I love both of them?

The plane exploded and plunged into the ocean, killing all the people on board.

Lois waited on the platform.

Supplies were no problem.

Can I have something for insect bites?

Those women were so surprised that they couldn't speak.

We all know how this is going to end.

I hope you're feeling better.

Now, Dylan depends on his parents very much.

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My family is very important to me.

We'll find it.

Wait for me in the car.

They got married three months later.

I've suddenly started to gain weight.

My aunt was pleased with my success.

I think I recognize that man.

Why is it that guys who sleep around are studs and girls who sleep around are sluts?

Ralph isn't going anywhere this afternoon.

It was he that broke the window yesterday.

I have a feeling that I have been here before.

What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?

Don't let him intimidate you.

His mother is not going to like, not even a bit, to know that he was here.

You shithead!

The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.

The flowers in the vase are roses.


I heard Stuart won't graduate this year.

Darrell reads the newspaper every morning.

Dustin says that he's never tried eating dog food.

She's been in hospital for a month.

In our factory, goods are produced.

Jacques is a bibliophile.

Does it meet with your approval?

He was born in a village near Teheran.

I was caught in a shower on my way home from school.

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I want to know the whole story.

Is that a bus or car?

Now, how can we help you?

They won't have a chance.

Begin with an easy-to-understand book.


I am not gay, but my boyfriend is.

If you want to get elected, you're going to have to improve your public image.

I want your help on this.


The birds went across the sea.

"Whose pictures are these?" "They are Marika's."

In fall they go back to school.

You were the one who solved the problem.

You're a dreamer.

Would someone shut him up?

I don't think it's really broken.

Let's practice.

He had his left leg hurt in the accident.


Dinner will be at 6:30.

Bear in mind what he said.

I managed to catch the last train.


I was afraid you'd ask that.

I'm scared that once you find out about my secret, you'll never look at me the same way again.

King supplied Stephanie with valuable information.


Only in theory, the project is possible.

Are you afraid of Janos?

This car is in good condition.

He looked into her eyes and suddenly went away.

The Christmas party won't be the same this year without Sumitro.

She uploaded a video.

Gregor burped.

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My wife burst into tears.

Come back to the house.

Put the carrots in the pot.


Make it so.

I was in control.

Why didn't you keep it secret?

I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

He was laid off.


I hope Sir understands.

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Shaw is in my computer class.

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher.

The neck of the bottle was broken.