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New Mod

25-Jan-19 by TomMK

I've started work on the latest season mod - check out the beta version of the 2018 CSM Mod by GP4 Central in the Downloads area.

Site online

4-Jan-19 by TomMK

GP4 Central is online again.

You may - or may not - have noticed that GP4 Central has been away for a little over a year, due to some (very positive) developments in personal life that left no time for gaming. The website's hosting expired, I wasn't paying attention, and with it went the site.

The intention for this site at the outset was a hub for all the great content being produced for our beloved sim. But that proved impossible (for me) for a couple of reasons; firstly the sheer amount of time it takes to administer the vast (and still growing) collection of content, and secondly the realisation that it is actually not in the best interests of some of our content creators (who ARE the game, and therefore should be respected).

So with the relaunch comes a new goal - a home for my few mods built using the community's excellent content, to allow those who just want to get on and play GP4 to do so as easily as possible.

'GP4 Central' then, may no longer be the right name. But for continuity, it will remain. Plus the domain name is paid for.

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