I know you want to help Jem.

Are you two about finished?

Mehrdad seems articulate.

I assure you I'll accept full responsibility.

Quit wallowing in your postmodern, wangsty aimlessness and stand up for something!

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Lenny is studying web design.

I will do it by all means.

Nobody can prevent this plan from being carried out.

I have an Egyptian neighbor.

I don't know whether to leave or stay.

Stuart told Benjamin he didn't like her scarf, so she got rid of it.

I think it's unlikely that Theo will marry Kerry.

A mysterious sound approaches.

I haven't seen Erik since he was thirteen.

I always feel blue on Mondays.

Don't mourn over the loss of your loved one too long.


I'm in a little hot water right now.

Have you ever made your bed by yourself?

He went to school, but didn't study much.

Does this mean you won't be sleeping here?

Brazil is the biggest country in South America.

I hope that some scientist will soon discover a cure for AIDS.

I also feel the same way.


The North won the Battle of Shiloh.

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Tigger enjoys movies.

What's that got to do with him?

Where does he come from?

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That was just a warning shot.

That's why I was absent.

Tobias talked about himself.

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It feels like somebody's turned on the air conditioning.


Do you think you could give Tiefenthal a little help?

As a soccer player he is second to none.

They paid customs duties.

Often, Kanji is like nonsense in Japanese because it has multiple readings, including the native and the mainland import.

I'm sure that your parents are very proud of you.

The hotel has a good prospect.

These people are prejudiced.

Why give it to me now?

They couldn't communicate their ideas to men.

They were from Liverpool.

Thanking you in advance.


They went to church on Christmas Eve.

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St. Valentine's Day falls on Sunday this year.

On a rainy morning he left his house early so as to be in time for school.

Deb asked for Hotta by name.


Today is my lucky day.


There are no thoughts in any mind which exists, however, once generated, thoughts tend to quickly transform into powers.

Straka did a fantastic job.

Don't try to catch me.

I speak Swedish.

Kyu didn't intend to harm anybody.


Did you say your name was Stephen?

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Sanjay bought his daughter a Mac for her birthday.


Excuse me, where's the exit?

I'm getting high.

Have you spoken to Johann about this?

He's cooking.

You said we'd never catch them.

I lost the watch Father had given me.

Donald had nothing.

How is your father?

My roommate complained about the noise.


I commented on one.

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You don't have to wince like that. I'll fix it so it doesn't hurt.

Don't lie about us.

Poor girl! she cried, what can I do for you?

I think those are Linley's shoes.

When did you receive the telegram?

Oh friends, not these tones!

It took two tries to launch the second Gemini.

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They spent the whole day at the beach.

Carter's exaggerating.

I can't manage without his support.

I hope you don't miss anything.

What steps should we take?

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Nobody wanted to invest in my country.

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It was published in 1969.

Is benzoic acid safe as a food preservative?

I completely disagree with this.

I'm glad I'm not Morris.

There are all kinds of flowers in that garden.

The children got lost in the jungle.

I want to have a word with you before you leave.

I completely forgot about the meeting.

We've got no brakes!

I have to make sure Calvin is OK.

Pam is having a miserable time.


Whatever you do, don't ever press this button.

Kanthan is the kind of inveterate traveller who will probably never settle down in one place.

Dawson was up all night.

Ramsey was never violent.

He wants to apply for Jobseeker's Allowance.


He wouldn't let anybody interfere with his private affairs.


Ian just got married.

Triantaphyllos was always busy.

We think Knapper might be in Boston.


Don't bother Greg while he's reading.

Think did an incredible job.

What's your favorite nail polish color?

Don't pull the plug yet.

You have to contribute your fair share.

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The party gained ground rapidly.

The matter is of great importance.

William could hardly make himself understood.

She likes to go to the sauna.

I'll take it to him.

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Your head is starting to droop.

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Herb is trying his best.

Let's get out of the car now.

My rota is showing a lot of additional working times.

She liked talking about herself.

Christie didn't want to miss anything.

The father and the son will be tried for homicide.

Tectonic plates are pieces of the lithosphere.


I lost my driver's license.


They did not want to spend much time talking about it.

Well, the night is quite long, isn't it?

I'd like to confirm our reservations.

I won the lottery.

In winter I wear an overcoat.


Your plan is of no earthly use.


Why are you always so damn proud of yourself?

Case is bilingual.

The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.


Is there life on other worlds?

Pascal is going to come back.

If I don't come back, the venture will probably be unsuccessful.

Dwight is capable of taking care of himself.

The reform of both entrance examination system and curriculum makes slow progress.

I know you worry about them.

We can still talk to Caleb.


Both sisters are blondes.

Jeanette is personable.

Stop fooling around and help me pick this mess up!


This medicine is not sold yet in pharmacies.


Caleb stared at Hugh blankly.

I doubt that Randy would ever consider selling his antique car.

To work your pectoral muscles try doing thirty push-ups.

Sonja knows that I wanted to go with him.

Days get longer by about 1.7 millisecond per century because the moon is slowing the Earth's rotation.


Were you present at the crime scene?

Well then, let's show a little of our real strength shall we?

The Gospel according to John was probably written about fifty years after its predecessor.


I'll be back in a couple minutes.

I want you to reconsider your decision.

Whichever way we choose will involve danger.

That was the first time I ever played disc golf.

In this case, there are a lot of factors at play.

He still hasn't answered my letter.

I'm going to miss my bus if I don't hurry.


Nancy died at his home in Boston.

I'm following Jorge.

Is that a weapon of some kind?

They made a promise.

Today is Tuesday.

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Where do you think the safest place would be?

Roxie needs to resign.

He has an inferiority complex.

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Your room is the first one on the left.