Is there a knife in the kitchen?

We're happy together.

I'm not going to need a heavy coat where I'm going.

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You'll have a very beautiful view of Boston from here.

Janice is drawing something.

Florian never knew the difference.

She's a good girl.

Do you get me? Understand? Dig? Are you hip?

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I'll go first!


I will read a book when I have finished this task.


I tend to agree with Leung.

I can't hear them.

You're in Boston.

I believe you both know us.

You're not giving me much choice.

It seems that he was half asleep then.

All the boys in class worked hard.

The English language is undoubtedly the easiest and at the same time the most efficient means of international communication.

How long have you been feeling like this?

I have recovered from my bad cold.

I was very tired.

He extended the knowledge of biochemistry.

Whichever route you take, you will get there in time.

The conference had a full house.

His books are liked by young people.

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They defended weak people.

I like coffee hot.

They went on talking all night.

Where's the red tie I bought you?

Let the buyer beware.

There was pink mold in that bathroom.

This is an important film.


She has one cat.

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I can't hide my feelings from Jorge any longer.

Who will you go with?

He walked barefoot.

We need to make this happen.

We will report the results when known.


Do you want to risk it?


I heard something.

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We have to buy water from Malaysia.

This year, the Administration will announce the winners of a $100 million competition supporting redesigned high schools that give high school students access to real-world education and skills.

I should be in Boston before noon tomorrow.

You can count on it.

I'm afraid all my efforts to help her will be to no purpose.

I'm so sick of being sweaty.

I've been a public school teacher for the past thirteen years.

I was bored, so I fell asleep.

You're not in his league.


We played together every day when we were kids.


Ramanan can't possibly be serious.

He slipped me a note.

I'll talk to him tomorrow.


Why exactly do you need this?


Do you enjoy living dangerously?

Jwahar has a vivid imagination.

Science produced the atomic bomb.

Sandip works for a large firm.

He came back home three days later.

I hope you get a good rest.

Where can I get the airport bus?

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First you have to build up your vocabulary.

Stuart looked a little confused.

It's high time you went to bed, Ken.


I want you to be nice to Raj.

Maybe she knows the answer.

I'd like you to come early.


You ought to read books instead.


What does she say?


If you ever have any problem with Eileen, I'll help you out.

I'm very pleased to make your acquaintance.

It is high time you started a new business.


I don't think he'll be able to do it by himself.


Berlin is the capital of Germany.


Audrey wrapped a towel around himself.

One day someone tagged the Tales of Columbus as "lie" on Tatoeba, and Columbus came to remove them.

Hui Shi had many ingenious notions. His writings would fill five carriages; but his doctrines were erroneous and contradictory, and his words were wide of their mark.

Who do you think goes there?

I really like being alone.

The store opens for business tomorrow.

Don't tell her anything.

Straka has made the team.

I'm calling him.

I'm afraid you're mistaken.

It can be said that Armenians are a mixture of various races.

I see this thing quite differently.

Mr. Smith ran his sluggish horse along the country roads.


The point is that we don't know what is happening around us.

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He's really selfish.

I know a guy in Boston.

Drinking isn't against the law.

They exchanged passionate e-mails.

Of course I believe you.

To wish another well bears more freight in Italian.

You're going to get much publicity with this book.

This list is not official.

You left this, didn't you?

It's late already, time to go to sleep.

Directing students into rewarding business careers is the goal of vocational schools across the state.

She would like to make an appointment to see the doctor.

Tahsin and Raif show up at the strangest places.

You could've killed somebody.

Data can be transmitted from the main computer to yours, and vice versa.

I knew I could talk to Nadeem about Lorien.

Hans really knows how to stay in shape.

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Repetition plays an important role in language study.

The trip was very informative.

I hate to be alone at home on the weekends.

No matter where I go, I get lost.

It is up to you to see to it that such a thing doesn't happen.

You are way off the track.

Modern science has turned many impossibilities into possibilities.


It's high time you were in bed.

Daren watches the 6 o'clock news every evening.

Hubert caught a snowflake on his tongue.


At 2:00 a.m. he finally found the solution.

I thought you'd be interested to know that Rusty found a job.

Man's knowledge is finite.

Cris wants to tell you something important.

Art is my passion.

You've already made your decision, haven't you?

We should study English every day.


I didn't know you felt so bad.

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But it's wonderful!

Could you ask Tai to stop by after work?

My driving instructor says that I need to be more patient.

You still haven't told me why you quit your job.

I hope you're well compensated.


We need to get Milo some help.


Roderick was sitting between his parents.

Earle Jackson was re-elected mayor in 2013.

This is smaller than that.


I don't speak German.

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She missed her chance.

You're too close.

Kathy said that Tuan seemed disappointed.

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In front of my house there is a charming patisserie.

Well, aren't you going to tell us what happened?

Use your charm.

Are you going to buy that?

I asked Sharon the same thing.

Those Hungarian girls are very pretty.

He tells us secrets.

Theodore has beautiful brown eyes.

It was excessive.

I accepted the offer after due consideration.

Just look at those legs.

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I know what's going to happen tomorrow morning.

And when you talk to me, take off your hat.

We have ample time to catch our train.

I was wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me.

I promise I'll be there tomorrow.

We sailed from Yokohama to Kobe.

She loves him.


Brahe built a castle on the island and named it Uraniborg after Urania, the goddess of the sky. He also built an observatory on the island.

The tourist information center gave a city map to whoever asked it.

Can you believe Pierette?

She covered her shoulders with the blanket.

We have made him cry.

She is a natural to play the part of Juliet.

Giovanni thought Helge was hungry.

This remark is not applicable to you.

Money rules the world.