Reduce time to market and increase revenues with a proven OTT and VOD Service Framework

Ready4Air’s offers stunning apps and a flexible middleware for superior user experience, while reducing time to market and development cost.


By moving the integration of front-end apps to a middleware layer, R4A applications can be skinned and used as is, reducing the time to integrate existing back-end systems and services significantly.

The R4A middleware is designed as an integration platform and is already pre-integrated with many OVPs, video CMS and commerce systems.

This approach enables OTT/VOD services built on R4A to be launched in the market in less than 3 months.


The flexible design of R4A then allows you to extend or further develop your experience by leveraging the R4A SDKs and APIs over time as your operations grows.

The SDK provides a flexible way to build custom user experiences on most devices including smart phones, tablets, desktops, game consoles and Smart TVs.

The R4A middleware API allows you to build applications for any other device including but not limited to STBs, and other embedded devices while still leveraging the key functions of the R4A middleware such as the R4A CMS control tool to manage your OTT/VoD storefront experience and content curation.


Ready4Air apps and middleware offers support for all common business models including; AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, EST, DTR and so on. This allows you to monetize your content catalogue in the way that suits your business and content rights.

Further, R4A is integrated to some of the market leading monetizing and recommendation tools such as Ooyala, Comcast’s MPX and Adobe Primetime allowing you to leverage your existing platforms for content recommendation and monetization.

R4A also provides a CMS tool allowing you to control how you present your video catalogue to the end users, and curate your content to ensure maximum conversation by presenting the right content at the right time, at the devices used for a specific user.


Ready4Air middleware has been designed by experts in app development which means that the API is built to enable apps to perform well on the client devices. This means that the R4A API can serve a web client, game console or a Smart TV equally efficient even if all 3 devices require totally different set of data to render the user experience.

The R4A application has been built to optimize the experience for each platform and is built in native formats across these devices to ensure maximum use of every platforms capabilities.

This ultimately leads to a greater and better end user experience

What is Ready4Air

Ready4Air enables enterprises to rapidly deploy and maintain any number of TV applications consistently across millions of devices. Ready4Air offers you:

Ready4Air has pre-installed connectors to most major video asset management and commerce systems, like Ooyala, MPP, Cleeng and Comcast’s MPX, where Ready4Air acts as an orchestration layer between your video ingest workflows and the range of application and devices in your OTT and TV Everywhere offering.

Don’t yet have any video asset management system up and running? No sweat. Ready4Air can be shipped with an add-on module named “Ready4Air VOD manager”, enabling you to setup sophisticated ingest workflows direct from studios and content providers.

We have worked very successfully with Valtech as our main technology partner for several years now. Together we launched the SF Anytime OnDemand service on the web, tablet, mobile and several connected TV platforms. We also deployed Valtech’s VoD product suite, R4A, which made our operations more cost efficient and increased our ability to control and monetize our OnDemand catalogue.

Fabian Bonnier, CTO SF Anytime

Ready4Air has enabled us to launch a new video on demand service in just 2 months. Without leveraging the R4A middleware and template based applications this would never have been possible. We are impressed with the flexibility of the platform as well as the speed by Valtech developed and deployed the new service in market for us.

Ike Novikoff, CEO, GoodTV Inc.



Svensk Filmindustri used R4A API and IOS, Android and web SDK to built a bespoke experience for kids. The SF Kids service was built with Valtech in less than 5 months including app design, build and integration, content ingest and preparation and launched as a niche SVOD service for kids in Scandinavia.

The unique user experience is specially targeted for kids allowing them to browse videos by choosing their favorite characters. The SF Kids service has been nominated for multiple awards, including the TV Connect award for best mobile video experience.

What’s in the box?

Ready4Air ships with native application templates giving you a high starting point, and reducing time to market significantly. All client to server communication is pre-build, so building apps fast have never been easier.

Templated apps






Apple TV


Connected TV


Ready4Air has pre-installed connectors to many OTT and VoD back-end systems such as video asset management, OVP, advertising and commerce systems.

Video asset management

Digital rights management

Billing & subscription management

Ad Monetization

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