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Vance has a tattoo of a skull on his chest.

I don't want to see her.

Curt wouldn't be here if he didn't have to be.

That has happened to me several times.

My friend is bilingual.


Perhaps I am the worst singer in the universe!

She was pleased by the new robe.

Do you have to make dinner?

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He was too angry to speak.

The landscape was a measureless yellow mass of flourishing sunflowers.

Do you want to talk about it or not?

This is quite shocking.

Have you ever had a girlfriend?


You've never seen one of these before, have you?

Let's get out of the rain.

He lives in a dry county.

Now I am in South America to teach Esperanto.

The treaty is now a dead letter.

I hope I can hold on to my job.

Are you from the bank?


Doesn't that just make you angry?

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She died a happy woman.

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It sounded like there was a problem.


He has no more strength.


Don't try to talk. Save your energy.

What followed was unpleasant.

Put the book there.

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Who's going to stay at home to receive the guests?

I don't see any other choice.

Do you have any news for me?


He is hiding something from me.

There's got to be some way to stop Clare.

I was falling.

I always rely on him in case there's a problem.

He belongs to the upper class.

Jef always puts a damper on things.

I have not seen you in a while.

He is the greatest player the team has had.

What are they talking about?

I was so happy back then.

Though he had a cold, he went to work.


I'd like to speak with Niels.

Liyuan's mother worries about his cough.

You get one guess.


Bogdan said he would be there tomorrow.

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We could not convince her of her mistakes.


I really need to talk to Dorothy.

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I want to get a divorce.

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Excuse me, but I think this is my seat.


Cynthia apologized for being late.

They're taking us for fools.

She told me that, without me, this life had nothing of interest for her.

She is a shining example of absolutely nothing.

I retired three years ago.

The moon has no atmosphere.

My thirteen year old girl loves to watch romance movies.

Can you please just shut up already?

I'm going to give it to her.


Only Takeuchi didn't accept the invitation.

Every year we pay 100 euros to this association.

Sedovic isn't able to drive yet.

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She is a singer without equal.

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Is it possible to buy the book at the bookstore in Akita?

This is a great place.

Jerald finally talked Marcia into lending him her accordion.

Who was Mona Lisa?

I think it's obvious, don't you?

Kristin told me this would happen.

The fire started in the kitchen.


Do you know how to contact us?

We are disgusted by his bad manners.

Are you trying to trick me?

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I played tennis with Bob.

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It seems he spent many a night unable to sleep.

Follow that car.

We control our own destiny.

Do you want to see her very much?

They helped me.

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Laurence'll pay.

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I'm calling to see if you'd be interested in going to Boston with me next week.


31 percent of Germany's electricity comes from renewable energy sources.

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There's a chance that Roman might try to kill himself again.

Those who are terrorists for some, are freedom fighters for others.

How much do you love Claire?

He'd be the last one to disappoint you.

The girls couldn't wait to show off their fine needle work to us.

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She spent a good deal of money on her vacation.

The returning soldiers were commended for their bravery in battle.

He would give an arm and a leg for that.

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Catalina is from Argentina. She is Argentinian.

He reads a good deal.

Phill is smarter than Lum.

He didn't want to be cheated again, and was always on the alert.

I'm really happy about it.

She hates parties.

They might not know what to do, but they're not stupid.

The newspaper said that a typhoon was approaching.

We should love as if we've never been hurt.

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I never sleep in.

I'm trying to remember the name of the movie.

I presume such preferences are mostly cultural.

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She could not but worry about her daughter.


I wasn't overweight when I was a kid.

Truth is like the moon, you can only see one side of it.

The king ordered that the town should be fortified as well as possible.

At least one of us is a man.

I enjoyed your company.

I came earlier than him.

I have done much writing this week.

Vic is blinded by his anger.

Several houses were washed away by the flood.


I miss my elementary school teachers.

When is your sister's flight?

He was accused of having violated the law.

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That's an inspiration.

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In Sugarcandy Mountain it was Sunday seven days a week, clover was in season all the year round, and lump sugar and linseed cake grew on the hedges.


It's quite a big deal, isn't it?

Will you be next?

Mats wasn't the first person the police arrested.

I'll go there.

I want to see him in my office.


The profit will amount to three million dollars.

This is one of Boston's most respected construction companies.

After you kill the sheep, you'll have to skin it.

What is worse: Love without money or money without love?

He showed me her picture.

I want to want what you want.

Let her know what's happening.

Which street did you follow?

We were all on the same bus.

Liz and Hume have finally decided to get married.

She needs a taxi.

Barrett doesn't need it.

I saw his car veering to the left.

They will bring Ram.

Farther on, we came upon a house.

I'll be no party to this arrangement.

The expenditure totaled 200,000 yen.


We won't make you wait too long.

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Look, I'm trying to apologize.

The waitress served the tea.

Today he turned forty.

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Darryl is emotional.

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If you don't want to go there, then we won't go there.

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I've decided I don't want to be famous.

He has two children who are the same age as me.

I want some money.

You work in an office? I suppose most people do, don't they? Is it fun? No? Oh well.

You should've called me.

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Light the candles.

The badly damaged jet is going down.

She was relieved from insomnia.

According to the weather forecast, there'll be more rain on the way.

Scot helped Heather on with her jacket.

It took them two years to build the house.

They don't teach that in schools, but they should.