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So, what is Fasterbids? It's a powerful web app that quotes custom configured building materials like windows and doors.

Custom, Fully Editable Quotes

Customer change their mind about a manufacturer or product? With FasterBids you can edit or remove product. Change out manufacturers or accessories in a few quick clicks.

Instant Pricing

Instantly view product prices and compare different manufacturers. Build quotes based around a customers’ budget, or export various options at different budgets.

Product Search

Quickly search or browse your entire catalog of products from all available manufacturers. Filter results by product types and styles. Find exactly what a customer is looking for in seconds.

ERP Integrations

Seamless point of sale integrations and real-time ordering from major ERP companies. Build and modify quotes from within your existing ERP software. Place orders and calculate an accurate close ratio.

Quote Export

Export quotes as beautiful PDFs, complete with a bid summary and delineations for product categories, prices, and customizations. Export options allow you to include line item pricing or export as an excel spreadsheet.

Reconfigurable Master Quote

Quickly enable or disable products, bids, or entire categories to compare before/after pricing and build and export new quote configurations.

...and much, much more!

Build and edit full project quotes.
Select from any product category and browse or search from all available manufacturers.
A single platform for managing customers, projects, and quotes.
Create customers, assign projects, and build fully editable quotes.

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