Do you remember how amazing Patrice was at dancing?

Meg has a facility for languages.

Take it to him.

The frame of the machine should be rigid.

The bee alighted on the flower.

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He died at the age of seventy.

I thought Calvin was just a musician.

Sylvia loved the concerts.


Annard was shocked by what he saw.

Don't be so hard on Sanford.

Writing is a lonely way of life. You shut yourself up in your study and work and work.

Have you finished reading that book?

I know that he arrived yesterday.

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Happy Qixi Festival!

I wish we had something like that.

Masanobu does his homework before dinner.

I'm going to cancel the meeting.

Motorcycles are great. They can easily get through even in heavy traffic.

Do not go near them.

He writes to his parents once a month.


Jay is young and healthy.

Laughter is infectious.

Finally, he let himself fall into his chair.

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Let's break for some tea.

This will do for a chair.

Many child psychologists think that parents should play with their children more often and give them problems to think about.


Our team played extremely well.

There is wet paint on the door.

Carter put the food on the table and told everyone to start eating.

You shouldn't make fun of me.

A church spire could be seen in the distance.


How do you know Elliot didn't do what he was supposed to do?

We thought that would be enough.

You'd better be prepared.

Shahid is also a good instructor.

He was terribly poor when he was young.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Muller! My name is Shirley. I'm a Martian." "Oh, welcome, Manolis! Come in and join us for a cup of tea!"

Maybe we could collaborate.


He likes swimming above all.


Be on your guard against pickpockets.

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He has a fabulous reputation for his high integrity.

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Don't listen to him.


Show me something else.


You translate from Quenya to Klingon? Awesome.


He says he likes flowers.


This machine is robust and emission-free.

I have three siblings.

I made a doll for Ann.

He wants to get his pilot's license.

She is very pretty, isn't she?

The destruction of the rainforests affects our environment.

Matti can't forget the time he and Raman had their first big argument.


How did you learn how to play the violin?


Shylock is greedy, and what is worse, very stingy.

I don't know what you want and I don't care.

Tahsin is really good-looking.


This animal feeds on flesh.


Where is the German embassy?


Dimetry called Van when he got home.

Who hired her?

Why do you have to say things like that?

I don't want to see it now.

Lance doesn't know who she should ask.

At the age of seventeen, he fled his native village.

The snail drew in its feelers.

I don't remember you being careless.

Naresh and her mom live in a very old apartment.

Maybe you should tell Perry.

Have you ever shot a gun before?

Are you able to keep walking?

Because I am a student of old language.


I owe my success to his help.


Lois is pretty adventurous.


What the fuck are you talking about?


I'm too busy.

Kemal wanted Kurt to go to the supermarket to buy some milk.

For the record, I'm not at all interested.

Elena is the tallest girl in the class.

You have to fill out an application for admission to the hospital at the front desk.

I found a rare book I had been looking for.

Hiroyuki stared at Tareq in horror.

I never asked Victoria.

Are you sure you want that one?


Let's let the workers go home early today.

It rained after it had been dry for many weeks.

I don't know why you did it.

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I wanted to help Ronni build his house.

I am knackered.

I should never have done it.

The courier just arrived.

I have to pull over for a minute.

I saw them enter the bank.

I'd like you to be more punctual.


Nicaragua is called "the land of lakes and volcanos."

I had to try to convince him.

You sell shoes.

Is dinner ready?

We were just talking about you when you called.


He believed her assertion to be simply impossible and assented to the proposal.

I didn't know you felt that way about Kikki.

You had better go in person.

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Is it a wolf?


We have to find out why this happened.

I love all Native Americans from the Arctic region to Tierra del Fuego.

I think that's a lot of malarkey.

The meat will spoil quickly in such hot weather.

You're the only one for me now.

Someone is going to pay for this!

Don't be a pest!


My friends and I are hanging out tonight. Would you like to join us?


The room was full of people.

Kriton has too much time on his hands.

The proverb is familiar.

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This house is a very beautiful one.

When you're here, I feel safer.

I can't explain that.

The teacher pointed out the pupil's mistakes.

Salmon lay their eggs in fresh water.

Kyle isn't really sick. She's just faking it.

Three of the men involved in the accident were hospitalized.

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Five times five is twenty-five.

This bike is like the one I've got.

"Are you gonna do it for the love or the money?" "I'm gonna do it for the money."

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Jorge won't be making any deliveries today.


I appreciate your coming all the way.

Colloquial speech is used in everyday conversation.

Release him!

I once went to Boston with her.

I talked to Kelly.

He studied art in Germany.

For man, there is no beast more scary than man.

Take such steps as you think best.

It seems obvious.

You've got to see him.

I'm not so sure I want to do this anymore.

Straka knew Kitty didn't know French.

Where were they when this all happened?

I didn't know what they were.

Just cook it.

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He is able to play the guitar.

They're mocking you.

I hate sand.


Will you please check to see if my order has been dealt with?

I wasn't trying to do it on purpose.

They both want the same thing.


Do you guys want to walk?

Where are the showers?

You have to register before putting your purchase through.

Why don't you folks make yourselves comfortable?

Johnny didn't water the flowers.


My name is Henry.

I thought I made it clear what you were supposed to do.

Cindie was bitten by a snake.

Tickets are available at the door for thirty dollars.

It's too late to apologize now.

Triantaphyllos sat down on the couch.

I don't feel so happy.

You sound beautiful.

Life spread a range of opportunities to you.