My son left today.

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan.


Who do you think will win the race?

That could take hours.

The inspector arrived at the school late on Monday morning.

That was exactly what she intended.

Are you still nauseous?


In the middle of the tour, they became separated from the main group.

I live in a small village fifty kilometers from the Polish capital.

We need a knife for the butter.

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I hired one.

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I do believe that he's your friend.

She is flexible in her opinions.

You're poisoning me.

She gave me her phone number.

Don't forget to confirm your reservation in advance.

Liber knows some words in French.

The cost apart, the building will take a lot of time.


Emily was very emotional.

After you translate this article, send it to me.

Do you have a fishing license?

We both stand to benefit from this arrangement.

Treat her well.


Would you like to come here and see a film?

Vickie whispered in Martha's ear.

I have nothing to say to you.

I just need to find them.

He's easy to handle.

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There followed a prolonged silence.

How many of you agree?

We went up two floors to reach the apparel stalls.


Pontus has to sew her own clothes.


I'm not a specialist.

They just don't trust you.

Sit back down.

Jane gave me the same present as Wendy did.

I am afraid he will fail.

I think we should buy a new house in another neighborhood.

Congratulations! You just won a million dollars!


Going to Boston is one of the things Orville wants to do next year.

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He is quick to voice his concerns.

Miltos could come with me if he wants to.

Do you want to help?

I ate a dhokla.

I have been learning English for five years.

What you don't know can hurt you.

Supposedly, one in ten Europeans are conceived in an IKEA bed.

She puts the children to bed.

I was attracted to the idea of helping others and getting money.

Look to your left.

I'm still hungry.

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I'm certain he's coming.

With darkness coming on, the children returned home.

Don't you think I deserve an apology?


The fields yielded a good harvest.

Do you sense something unusual?

We camped there over the holiday.


We cannot change the past.

Stop eating in bed, I'm sick of cleaning up after you.

You're right, no doubt about it.

The valuables are in the safekeeping of the bank.

She gets up at six.

Many Europeans do not know modern Japan.

Don't let us stop you.

He died a beggar.

I should like to get away without his knowing it.

Hello everyone! My name is Kaj.

He was killed in the fire.

It makes no difference whether he will come or not.

Where did you find it? Somewhere in the forest. I couldn't say precisely.

We have to act quickly.

During the Soviet Union, there were two big newspapers - "Pravda" and "Izvestiia."


You'd think they'd tell me what they want.

Do I have to go?

Christie should listen to me.


If anyone comes to see me, tell him that I went out.

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We'll be late for dinner.


Do you really think we're going to lose?

The boy playing the guitar is my younger brother.

Children wear you out.

Neither side will concede.

Let the game begin!

Elliot is quite successful.

I expect Nanda will be a finalist.

He was completely absorbed in his book.

Gary steadied himself.

Can you tell me what I'm missing here?

He bolted out of the room.

Prakash and Erik are getting married.

I lost my shirt on the stock market.

Sho told Ritchey about what had happened.

It's game time!

A sharp crack of thunder split the sky.

Arne is the man Kevyn met the other day.

I hate people who just rabbit on about themselves.

When are you going to Europe?

That's really what he ate.

Dan didn't even blink.

He squeezed her shoulders.

Nobody knows what his destiny has in store for him.

I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.

Frank tends to be late for meetings.

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He is apt to forget people's names.


We have a few weeks.

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In the eyes of many, poverty is much worse than vice: it's a weakness.

Have you finished your English homework yet?

Can you turn up the heat?

Jackye had a place in Martin's future.

You are being naughty today.


The bridge crosses the bay.


I called him up and asked his schedule.

Edith has a very stressful job.

His sisters as well as he are now living in Tokio.

Sam is well paid.

Vinod knew why the cat scratched Ranjit.

Antonio is cruel.

I love both of you with all my heart.


He gently laid a hand on her shoulder.

The teacher enjoyed talking with some of the graduates.

That's why I wasn't able to arrive yesterday.

Israel is better at French than English.

We are happy to see you again.

This room is noisy. The sound bounces right off the walls.

My brother goes to college in Kobe.

I dove into the water.

You must bring the person who is immediately concerned with the accident.


Should we wait for Mahesh here?

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They got married in Vegas.

I found it difficult to achieve my purpose.

Drew didn't pay his taxes on time.

You are sorry.

Cristi broke into Sharada's room using a lockpick.

The speaker's comments were highly offensive.

I thought a cup of coffee might make you feel better.

She's a wonderful wife and mother.

Let's not be enemies.

My life is complete.

If you did that, they'd kick you out of the bar.


We speak quickly.


I have things to do.


I can't ask her for that.

We are losing blood.

She is very popular among the students.


Dalton volunteered to help.


Daryl is paralyzed.

Neither was right.

Don't let him watch this film.

I can't help admiring his talent.

You would never do that.

The land is clothed with woods.

I broke up with him.

When did you first meet Al?

Let them decide.

We'll decide later.

I'd like to have breakfast with you.

Why is Butler always having money problems?

The little boy is used to talking with grown-ups.

They won many competitions.

He won the prize this day week.

Religions, which condemn the pleasures of sense, drive men to seek the pleasures of power. Throughout history power has been the vice of the ascetic.

I wish I could let Carlos know we're coming.

Our success is guaranteed.

You wouldn't believe it.


Mongo is the only one who ever really talked to me.

The quality of rice is going down.

The Uyghurs' cuisine has all kinds of dishes.

I was looking forward to meeting you.

Don't spoil the mood.