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Bryan Wood Urns

Welcome to Bryan Wood Urns

Here at Bryan Wood Urns, customers can design a one of a kind urn that is limited only by your imagination. Each urn can be laser engraved exactly the way it is designed by the customer. While other companies limit you to a line of text or a simple picture, we allow you to fully design your loved one's entire urn. You can engrave multiple pictures, pieces of clip art, poems, favorite quotes, your signature, and more. You are limited only by your imagination. A felt lined keepsake tray is also included with every urn. The keepsake tray is perfect for keeping personal mementos from your loved one.  Simply browse our urns and select your favorite, then click on the "Click here to design" button to load our powerful designer software and create your perfect urn.

Our unique process of laser engraving and design enables you to create a design unmatched by anyone else.

Gentleness New
Dimensions: 5″ Tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep. Capacity: 20 Pounds.       ..

Patience New
Dimensions: 5″ Tall, 6″ wide, 5″ deep. Capacity: 45 Pounds.       ..

Reliability New
Dimensions: 7″ Tall, 5″ wide, 5″ deep. Capacity: 68 Pounds.       ..

Determination New
Dimensions: 5″ Tall, 8″ wide, 6″ deep. Capacity: 78 Pounds.       ..

Loyalty New
Dimensions: 8″ Tall, 6″ wide, 6″ deep. Capacity: 131 Pounds.       ..

Dimensions:10″ Tall, 7" wide, 6″ deep. Capacity: 200 Pounds.      ..

Dimensions:10″ Tall, 7" wide, 7″ deep. Capacity: 270 Pounds.      ..

Dimensions:8″ Tall, 8" wide, 8″ deep. Capacity: 280 Pounds.      ..

Dimensions:8″ Tall, 12" wide, 5″ deep. Capacity: 300 Pounds.      ..