I think your basic theory is wrong.

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You've been suspended.

I will wait till you have written the letter.

Arnold told me the project had been a failure.

If it happens again, please let me know right away.

We should always try to help others.

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The students don't have the financial means in which to buy food.


No one was interested in what I had to say.


I can't seem to get warm. I've been cold all day.

I didn't think I should drive.

Don't worry. Edwin will take care of it.

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You should've listened to him.

I enjoy her company.

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

James is sensible.

Betty got his coat and prepared to leave.


"Do you know where this camera was made?" "I think it was made in China, but I'm not sure."

It is impudent of him to say so.

The bus driver told the pupils to keep their heads inside the bus.


Socorrito leaned down to listen.

What did you think I told Blair?

Bring me another fork, please.


Wow! The pilaf at this restaurant is really good!

You celebrate Christmas, don't you?

The doctor offered the child a lollipop. Against expectation the child said he preferred no lollipop and no jab to getting the immunisation and lollipop.

I'm sorry, but people I don't know can't come in.

Gale can't wait.

You're funny.

Let's give Sorrel a little more time.

Toufic and I were busy all day.

You'd better not tell anyone about what happened.


Nobody liked Ariel.

Dana doesn't have to be at the meeting this afternoon.

Higher summer temperatures will increase electricity use, causing higher summer peak loads, while warmer winters will decrease energy demands for heating.

He is busy doing something.

Christofer beat the dog.


Calvin couldn't have done what you say he did.

Saqib had to abide by the court's ruling relating to his access to his children.

He dared not approach her.

The student's cheating was easily caught out.

Wolfgang kissed her on the cheek.


Buy him a beer.

Sassan is a poet.

Why don't you go inside?

Vinod just got back from Boston today.

When did you translate this letter?

I know how Manuel feels.

People see things differently according as they are rich or poor.

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Susan was asking about you.

In the northeast Pacific, a widespread bloom of Pseudo-nitzschia algae stretched off the North American coast from southern California to British Columbia during spring and summer 2015.

Something's strange.

Rand would've done the same thing I did.


Do you have a theory?

You need to keep trying until you get it right.

Everybody knows that two and two make four.

So that's what it's all about!

Think of number one and do what is best for yourself!

Let's take time out to elaborate a strategy.

Elvis has been here too long.

Beverly, please, not now.

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I gave the dog two pieces of meat.

I've made a terrible mistake.

Don't let your house smell like tuna.

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Izumi said the same thing about you.

The darker the mane of a lion is, the more attractive for females it is.

I'll alert them.

The United States was at war in 1864.

Page read the document aloud.

These are two nice pictures.

He asked me if I were happy.


He contrived a means of speaking to Nancy privately.


He was decreed to pay the fine.

She likes to read books.

I'd rather not interfere.

She glanced shyly at the young man.

Can anyone help me do this?

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Could you please put on the tea kettle?

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Les is a pilot.

Val tried to help us.

That's obviously inevitable.

Unlock the door.

I used to swim here every day.

Does anybody else know about these pictures?

How are relations between the two of them going?

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They should thank Brett.


He became rich through hard work.

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It's very obvious that Olson likes Erick.

Hienz ignored Ian almost all day, but finally talked to her just after dinner.

Brandy was aware that the job would be difficult.

Ken likes music very much.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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This is my bedroom.

I see that you've found your umbrella.

Do you know who wrote this novel?


She rode a pony.


The book which I bought yesterday was expensive.

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I think I'll be going.

I'm still going to talk to her.

My grandmother cooked for five.


You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

We've been waiting for this to happen.

Why didn't Anatole tell us this?

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Let's go take a look.


I know what Grace would say.


The true secret of writing a good letter is to write as if you were talking.

Meehan seems to always be running into people he knows.

I'm looking for a hat that matches my brown one piece dress.

How much did you have to pay for that?

I'm sorry!

Fashions of thirty years ago have come back in style.

Try as you may, you will find it impossible to give up that habit.

I've made a reservation at a drinking place near Shinjuku Station. It's all you can drink for 2 hours for 2,500 yen.

He is now playing tennis on the court.

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Latin America is one of the world's most unequal regions.


Ned jumped over the huge ditch.

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Evelyn admitted that he had killed Piotr.

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We'll see each other next week.

The more I listen to her, the less I like her.

I wonder if there'll be more snow this year than last year.

Should you go to Scotland, would you please bring me back a wild haggis? Thank you.

My job is taking care of our baby.


Isidore has been asking for you.

Which is the best government? That which teaches us to govern ourselves.

Bobby was convicted of high range drink driving.

Derby Day is Wednesday fortnight.

He remained single till the end of his day.

Vinod is a sophomore.

We discussed gun control in social studies class.

I used to live here.

A man is picking out a tune on the guitar.

The law forbids the building of any skyscraper on this land.

You should've kept that secret.


It seemed like a good idea.

Nothing is more delightful to me than travelling.

Peter doesn't have a TV at home.

I don't have a CD player, but I bought the CD anyway.

I will wait.


Leave your room tidy.


Our team can win.


Clearly, Lojban is easier than Postscript.


Lie down and go to sleep.

What do you do in your spare time?

I think there was a piece of paper in the box.

Get a grip on yourself.

This place has a mysterious atmosphere to it.

How many are you? We are three.

The faculty meeting adopted the dean's proposal.

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I bought a new suit of clothes.


Damn, it's chilly out.

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I'm sure that Claudio didn't mean to hurt you.

She enjoys reading scientific articles.

I've decided to stay where I am.

I couldn't be more certain.

Are you seriously thinking about starting your own business?

The old woman fell an easy prey to the fraud.

Try not to make him angry.